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We use targeted list services to

Send your business high-intent Leads

Exclusive leads are verified individuals that are in need of wealth management services. These leads are either ready to make a purchase now (purchase intent) or have an inquiry about the pricing or nature of your service (inquiry intent). Purchase intent leads typically make a purchase with your company within the first two months of contact. Inquiry intent leads can be added to a custom targeted list for direct mail, telemarketing, and email until they are ready to make their purchase. Our leads are exclusive because we don’t sell your leads to any other buyers.

When you buy a lead from us, no one else receives that lead from us. This means we have to work twice as hard than other companies to get our leads, but that also means are leads are twice the quality as others!

We can provide the following data fields for financial advisor leads:

Current phone numbers (landline or mobile)
Current email addresses
Demographic attributes
(gender, location, income range, general interests, social media, occupation)
Purchase behavior attributes

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Top lead lists for all all types of wealth management professionals

Types of exclusive Financial Advisor leads

Our goal is to simplify your lead generation process, no matter what type of wealth management professional you are. Many wealth management professionals have gotten into the business of generating their own leads, but end up spending a lot of time and money with minimal results. We are here to make it 100x easier to receive quality leads that are worth the investment.

Current Planning

IRAs / 401ks



Tax planning

Future Planning

Inheritance planning

Retirement Planning

Estate planning

Life insurance (whole life or term life insurance)

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How does it work?

It’s simple. Here’s how:

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Primary list generation

We generate lead lists exclusively for you using our proprietary vetting methods. We DO NOT re-sell our leads to multiple wealth managers so you can be sure our leads are high quality and exclusive.

Lead vetting process

We work closely with both the client and the wealth managers to ensure the best matches are made. These leads have had their intent level vetted by our agents.

Receive your new leads

After your campaign starts, you can expect to receive your first exclusive exclusive financial advisor leads leads. These will be customers interested in speaking with you about your wealth management services.

Stay in control with no long term contracts or minimum lead purchase agreements.

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4 Reasons to Choose Us

Our customers love our financial advisor lead generation service. Here’s why you will too:

  • INCREASED REVENUE and overall business growth– Increasing your quality lead pipeline means increased revenue and overall business growth. We have perfected our lead generation methods so you can super charge your business without the hassle. Wealth management leads have never been so easy to get!
  • TARGETED AND VETTED leads– Our wealth management leads are high intent and would like to start a project soon. Being the first professional contact in the financial services field increases your leverage for up sell and closing a sale.
  • EXCLUSIVE financial services leads -When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing that our leads are exclusive, meaning that we only sell our leads to one buyer. This way you can be certain that you are allocating your business funds well.
  • NO HIDDEN CHARGES – Unlike other lead generation services, we are upfront with our prices. The price we quote is the price you pay.

Custom Add-ons

Appointment Setting

Save time and energy with our appointment setting services. We synchronize your calendar with prospect schedules to make meeting with your new leads as seamless as possible.

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For Over 25 Years

Our Customers have been satisfied with our Services

  • Jon Burgher
    We have worked closely with MarcPub Leads for over 6 years now and he has been our primary source the entire time. We have tried other data suppliers but no one is as good as John with MarcPub. He constantly checks in to see the performance of his data and attempts to think of alternatives to improve the data we use.
    Jon Burgher
  • K. Brin Lamason
    Probably the most accurate List we have used. Good prices and a very experienced sales staff. The ROI on their list are the best we have come across. We use their Direct mailing lists and the B2B sales leads lists.
    K. Brin Lamason
  • Albert LaBrusciano
    John @ Marc Publishing has always gone above and beyond to meet my marketing needs. Super job!
    Albert LaBrusciano
  • Janet Thompson
    My telemarketing business just opened a new branch near Lafayette Hill and we were in need of leads to get off to a good start. We called John at MarcPub and he was able to get us a good list of leads very quickly. Couldn't be happier with the results!
    Janet Thompson
  • Andrew Prow
    John was great to speak with over the phone and really knows his stuff!  He was able to get our list to us faster than estimated, and we have since turned a large number of those leads into sales!  If anybody is in the Lafayette Hill that needs a list, give MarcPub a call!
    Andrew Prow