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  • Exclusive: When a client gets a lead from MarcPubLeads, no one else will get it. Other Web lead sites “Share” their leads with 3-8 buyers ( like, Home-Advisor,  Modernize, ) we do not.
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Turn leads into sales with our following list types:

Telephone Leads

Use telemarketing to target your ideal client with a problem-fixing service. We verify all phone numbers within our lead lists to ensure a positive response.

Email Leads

Use high quality email leads to fuel your digital campaigns. Increase your target audience touchpoints and stay top-of-mind for prospects.

Mailing List Leads

Differentiate yourself from competitors in your industry with direct mail advertising. Receive a mailing list customized to your target demographics.

Sales Leads

Fill your sales pipeline with quality lead prospects. We can provide inbound call, form submission, chat, and email leads for each level of your sales funnel.

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